International Science Summer Camp 2017

20/08/2017 – 26/08/2017
Budapest, Hungary
100 participants
Fee: 150€

Program Costs

  • Fee: 150 Euros


  • Accomodation, transport:
  • University dormitory in the center of Budapest
  • Meals in Muzikum Club&Bistro (Kossuth Klub)
  • Weekly travel pass for public transport

Scientific topic

  • Info-communication
  • Science City Budapest

Study program:

  • After a brief introductory, students are instructed in how to use new innovative softwares:
  • Prezi – web-based presentation platform
  • Neticle – big data analysis
  • Editing and creating online and offline publication platforms (books, periodicals, e-books)
  • Introduction of Science City Budapest Application – after a short presentation students will be able to apply it on their own cities
  • Co-working in small groups supported by specially-trained volunteers, students then proceed to create their own projects based on the acquired skills. During the closing event students will have the opportunity to present their own projects.


  • Prezi Corporation – known from its cutting-edge web-based presentation platform
  • Graphisoft Park, Budapest – leading innovation district of Budapest, featuring the Aquincum Institute of Technology which was built up on the institutional model of the MIT
  • Mercedes Factory, Kecskemét – one of the most significant European developments of the decade in the automotive-industry
  • NNG Headquarter, Budapest – NNG is the developer of the world famous iGO navigation systems
  • Google GROUND, Neticle _ Budapest – a unique training center, created by Google Corporation
  • RUBIK Studio, Budapest – best known from the Rubik’s Cube, a leading developer in the field of technological desing and development

Cultural and leisure activities:

  • Budapest thermal baths
  • Boat trip on the Danube