International Science Summer Camp 2011

The Science of Tomorrow
30/07/2011 – 07/08/2011
Aalborg, Denmark
60 participants

International Science Summer Camp (ISSC) is going to be UNF’s first international camp! It is an interdisciplinary camp, circling the theme “Science of Tomorrow” with a focus on the three subjects of nanotechnology, energy and medicine.

On this camp we put science and culture in pride of place! With activities like a national evening and a city rally through the city of Aalborg the international participants will get a unique insight in Denmark and danish culture. Simoultaneously, lectures from leading scientists, excursions to scientific companys and ethical workshops held throughout the week, will introduce the participants to the cutting edge results in danish research right now!

The event takes place in cooperation with the umbrella organisation MILSET Europe and is supported by Youth in Action programme and Aalborg University.